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The start of something beautiful

26 Sep

Hi folks! Well it’s official.  Woo hoo!!! As of October 9th, I will be working for ESTÉE LAUDER as a beauty adviser.

This move ties in beautifully with my Supernatural Makeup Design business that is growing every day.  Now I know what your thinking but I promise, I am not crazy. At this stage in my life, I am fully aware of the challenges I will face working in the retail environment (especially during the holidays). But challenges like sales quotas and long hours on my feet are no match to establishing the trust of women everywhere and allowing me to help them make choices that will affect their physical appearance and ultimately, their self-esteem.  And that challenge is precisely what I am looking for in my life.

I have spent 20 years in the wrong place….Ugh.

Well to be honest, I can’t knock it all.  I met some truly wonderful people, traveled to some beautiful places and made a good living ….but working for large corporations  and not really having my heart in it exasperated the growing feeling that I didn’t belong.  The industry I worked in had no place for the faint of heart.  It left me cold and tiresome of the cliques and drama that always surfaced.  Especially the egomaniacs it produced.  I had some awful managers and colleagues that always seemed to sense my frustration and sadness and hung me out to dry.   My biggest mistake then was not realizing that I had choices like ….find something you LOVE.   Point being??  I figured it out now.   The best part is that there is no room for egomaniacs here because the focus is not on me, it is on YOU.  Making YOU feel beautiful is the whole point.  I am in the background cheering you on.

I urge you to look at what you’re doing now.  Make sure you enjoy what you do everyday.  Life is way too short to waste it on someone else’s agenda.

Come visit me at ESTÉE LAUDER.  You will walk away a new person.  I am 🙂

Let’s clean out our closets!

24 Sep

So I went to pick up my boys from ice skating Saturday night.  As I walked into the rink I got a glimpse of my reflection in the door.  What the?? WHAT IS THIS OUTFIT I AM WEARING?  Mismatched, ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  How could this be?  I have a beautiful wardrobe filled with things I love.  Why am I out like this in public?  Why????

I know why. Because my closet is a disaster.  I can’t find any of my stuff that I so carefully and joyously shopped for.   I have ample space yet lack organization.   Well.  After a day of careful planning and made some ruthless decisions,  that’s all changed.  No more are the days where I keep items I can barely squeeze into.  No more “well  if I lose 10 lbs, this will look fantastic”.  That way of living is over.  I orchestrated a plan that fits into exactly how I choose my outfits that did not require me to buy something to make it happen.

Here’s how I did it.

  1. Divide and Conquer!  I tossed anything that didn’t fit, didn’t feel right OR caused me to go into wardrobe overload when I looked at it.  Choosing your clothes must be painless.  If it takes too long to create an outfit around it, its gone.
  2. Bag it! Goodwill, seasonal, tailor (put right in your car so you don’t forget!).  Let’s be honest, I did create a pile of “when I lose 10lbs” BUT it’s small and not in my current rotation.  It is carefully placed downstairs with summer clothes.
  3. Plan.  What is crucial to have at hand and more importantly, where will it be kept.  I used shoe boxes for my evening bags, a small wicker laundry basket for my pj’s, circular hangers for my belts etc.  These items need to be in plain view but separated so I can easily access them.  Bigger purses were put on hooks behind my bedroom door.

Here is my plan.


Each drawer holds the following:  comfy socks, undies, tank tops and sorta dress shirts like I would wear under a blazer or sweater.  Hanging these type shirts only caused me to forget them.

Now to the closet where I have a 4 drawer organizer, top shelf, three small shelves and two closet hanging bars.

  • Top shelf is for shoes.  I weeded through based on comfort and reality.
  • Actual things I hang sorted by color and style. Vests, dress shirts, blazers, dresses and some fall coats/sweaters and pants/skirts on bottom rack.
  • Separate bins underneath for boots and scarves.  Nothing on my floor 🙂

Organizer holds

  • Dress socks.  Important: if you wear trouser socks, fancy socks, tights, stockings or what have you, you need this drawer to be separate from your comfy sock drawer.  It will make you life WAY easier in the long run.  Trust me.
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Regular t-shirts (separate these from the long sleeves)
  • Comfy sweats/yoga pants


  • Sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Hats (on top)

Keeping your closet organized will help with the everyday task of choosing your outfits.  Dressy, business-causal or picking the boys up from ice skating should be effortless and beautiful.  Good luck!

One pair of shoes sparks a fall fire!

18 Sep


September 22, 2012 is the first official day of Fall.  That means that not only is my birthday around the corner but it’s also my favorite time of the year for fashion.

While thumbing through Elle this month, I noticed a pair of drop dead gorgeous shoes from Chloe.  As expected, they are astronomically priced but so insanely beautiful.  One look at these beauties and I have already picked out everything I will be wearing with them for the fall.  I am in LOVE with the Menswear inspired looks from the fall shows and these particular shoes will tie it all together nicely.  (In my dreams, I can actually afford them).

Fall Must Haves?  –  This tag line kind of annoys me because fashion is so subjective, but I can with all honesty say that anything from Zara is awesome.  Check out the link below and see the entire line.  It covers everything you need and the pricing is very reasonable.

Below are some of my inspirations for fall.  Stay inspired ladies!!

You are beautiful..

14 Sep

A thing of beauty is a joy forever~John Keats

I recently  interviewed for a position with Estee Lauder to work as a beauty adviser at their makeup counter.  During my interview she asked me what kind of customer would I like to have at my counter?  Without a pause, I immediately thought of my own self,  skimming the products when I visit the makeup counters and how I often fee insecure about my crows feet or my large pores  and I want to find a miracle product that will take these feelings away so I look  like the model on the poster.  Desirable is what I am describing. Men should drop at my feet when they see my flawless face kind of desirable.

…..yeah lady…okayyyyy.

Unfortunately, most woman are unsure and insecure about their appearance and look to these products to feel beautiful.  It’s no secret that we all want luminescent skin that show no signs of worry, stress or (god forbid) age.  I am not saying all but most of us do.  Yes.  These products can help and are pretty much proven to do just that but listen to me.  True beauty comes from within oneself.  Insecurities (ALL man made) have made us second guess ourselves way to much.  It has to stop.  I want the person like me to come to the counter and tell me their expectations.  Of course I will suggest the colors that will make their beautiful eyes stand out or how to get rid of the dark circles that have appeared out of nowhere because that is why I am there but makeup is not a mask to create a different person. It is there to enhance that beauty that is looking back at me.  Age defying foundation is no match for skin that is cared for with a little love and a healthy lifestyle.

So to go back to my interview question,  I realized as the words left my mouth that my personal mission is to make every woman that I encounter walk away from our time together feeling not only beautiful but confident.  Sure our products will work as promised but embracing the raw YOU needs to happen first.  I find that we often look to men to affirm our beauty and that is a huge mistake.  Men are visual and look at everything (even the most loving).  To get them to focus on what makes you beautiful inside and out is quite honestly a challenge and that can  lead to major self esteem issues.  We need to take that responsibility on and free ourselves from living up to someone elses idea of beauty.  We will never reach that plateau.  Especially in the out of control, overstimulated world we live in.  Seriously  ladies, 100% up to us.  It is that confidence in ourselves as women that will make us even MORE beautiful and our men, our ladies and especially our children will see that confidence exuding from us.  It’s remarkable.

The reality is beauty comes in all forms.  Embrace your curves.  Love your crows feet.  They are there because you have smiled a million times.  Do not let society standards bring you down.  For me, I want every person I meet to empower themselves and bring it.

The most exciting part of my career is to hold workshops tailored to our young beauties, new to makeup and easily influenced by Cosmo magazine, and instill in them the true meaning of beauty.  Focus on natural beauty and enhancing their already stunning features.  The only way to stop this vicious cycle we fall victim to is to INSPIRE.

A little trick I learned to snap me back to clarity is wearing a rubber band around my wrist.  As soon as those feelings of self doubt arise, SNAP THAT rubber band and it will immediately shift whatever negativity you are putting on yourself.    Love yourself and the body you were given.

You are you for YOU and no one else.

Interesting article on my rubber band theory. I am a revolutionary.  LOL.

The Element of Surprise

11 Sep

“Expect the unexpected!”  

That is the cliché quote of the day.  I cannot stress enough how much the world has opened up to me once I let useless crap go.  Mind you, I am still a work in progress but I am doing my best to keep it light and count ALL of my blessings.

Recently, I got my hands on an adorable little book aptly named “The One Hundred” by the lovely Nina Garcia (from Project Runway fame).  This book has literally changed my (fashion) life.  Being a mom of three hasn’t always afforded me the opportunity to obtain or even think about the necessary staples to really jazz up my wardrobe.  Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely acquired some nice clothing but putting it all altogether is another thing in itself.

That’s precisely where this book comes in. “The One Hundred” lists must have pieces from A-Z  to help keep your closet in current standing.  It is a helpful reminder to pay attention to the details that you might otherwise forget.  Unfortunately for me, not everything in “The One Hundred” is feasible.  A Hermès Birkin Bag is not necessarily in my budget but ideas like finding an Emilio Pucci scarf instead of an entire Pucci outfit work out beautifully.  I also scan eBay for vintage Diane von Furstenberg items.   Her scarves always add a bit of class to any outfit.  Note: Keep an eye on the fabulous illustrations as well.   Page 143 reminds me of why it is so chic to keep my hair short 🙂

To tie into my “expect the unexpected” theme, remember to keep your mind open to new ideas.  Be open.  Lookout for pieces that you wouldn’t normally give a second thought to when life is crazy busy.  A pair of classic Chanel ballet flats will up the ante when paired with a crisp white dress shirt and skinny jeans.  Throw a vintage scarf on and voilà!

Expect to be beautifully surprised!

“The One Hundred” by Nina Garcia

Illustrations by Ruben Toledo

The History of Makeup and classic overthinking….

9 Sep

The past few weeks have been very exciting (and rewarding) for me.  In one crazed instant, I came to a realization.  (That is really how it happens.  For some reason my brain clears out the dust and allows me to see clearly for like 5 seconds).  Well that 5 seconds of clarity propelled me into starting my own business and as much as it is difficult, it is THRILLING!  I have been up ’round the clock researching my business plan and building websites, email and well…’s all too much for words.   BUT… in all that I am doing, there has not been one instant where I was dreading it or felt pressured or wanted to stop.  Every step I have taken so far has truly been a labor of love.  That is until about 4 days ago.  4 days ago I was put into a holding pattern because of an incredible opportunity I had applied for before my breakthrough.  I hadn’t even thought of it once since I locked my arms around Supernatural Makeup Design and now the phone is ringing, and I am interviewing for this opportunity.   If it happens, it would no doubt be AMAZING but very much off course to what I have worked so hard to accomplish up to this point.  Because of this holding pattern, I have been kind of wishy-washy with my blog and the future of my new business for 2012.  If this opportunity does come to fruition then I would be out-of-pocket until Feb 1st.

That being said, ……..I need to find my self control!

I am definitely counting my chickens before they hatch so for this beautiful Sunday morning I am focusing on what makes me happy and peaceful.  Besame Cosmetics has put out a beautiful, inspiring book called Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup.  It details makeup artistry throughout the years with gorgeous, vivid pictures and old-fashioned makeup palates and designs.  I wish I could have been present in the 20’s and 30’s and saw first hand these lovely ladies transform from extraordinary to red lipped vixens!!  As for me, I find out this week if my life takes yet another (exciting) path.

Realize the positive in each and every situation.  For reasons we cannot yet understand, we are placed in situations that can be obviously overwhelming, happy, sad, confusing etc.  My wonderful husband has tried countless times to help me see that there is  positive in even the most dire situation.  As I look around and see where I am at now …..I finally realize he is right. Knowing that there is a reason for every move we make allows for me relax a bit.  I am in good hands.  Mine.

Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup by Gabriela Hernandez

Add a little sassy into your day!

5 Sep

Summer is unofficially over but that doesn’t mean we should give up on looking summer stunning!  In my constant battle to stay healthy and fit I have found that I honestly don’t drink enough water.  To me, its boring and blah and I would much rather drink coconut water with a splash of pineapple.  Unfortunately, it is $2.99 each and it would cost me a fortune to stay as hydrated as I need to stay healthy.  So instead I found an alternative.  It does entail buying a few ingredients but it will last all week and it is SO worth it.  This water is appropriately named “Sassy Water”.  Why?  Because it is sassy.  It tastes delicious and makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Sassy water is a combination of fresh cucumber, ginger, mint leaves and lemon.  The cucumber gives it a cool crisp taste and the ginger, mint and lemon all aid in proper digestion.  You will love the taste and that my friends, is a win win situation.

Staying hydrated keeps you on track mentally and physically to staying fit.  Your body won’t want all those nasty (but sometimes yummy) carbs when your body is full of what it needs most.  Water.  Make a batch and enjoy ice cold!


  • 2 litres/3 1/2 pt water 
  • 1 tsp freshly grated ginger 
  • 1 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced 
  • 1 medium lemon, thinly sliced 
  • 12 mint leaves

Combine all ingredients in a large jug, chill in the refrigerator and let the flavours blend overnight.

photo courtesy of

dancing the night away…beautifully

3 Sep

I have recently started taking salsa dancing lessons at a local club here in Provo.  Salsa is my favorite form of dancing because it entails you and your partner being totally in sync and really focused on each others movements.  If you know how to do it properly then you just know you look good.    Salsa dancing is very sexy and for me, very intense. This brings me of course to the “look”. I want to not only look good moving on the dance floor but also in my clothes and makeup.  It’s an assembly of the right dress, shoes, perfume and most important, the makeup.  For my first lesson, I went crazy!  Beautiful shoes,  sexy swinging dress, stockings and yes, a fully made up face (sparkles too).  I was expecting or should I say, hoping to see the same in the others.  Well, to put it mildly, I was way overdressed.  The students wore mostly skinny jeans and flats.  I wore fishnet stockings and my shiny high-heeled Maryjane’s.  Did I let my obviously extreme appearance get me down?  Absolutely not!!  I was determined to dance and look good while doing it.   Remembering the excitement of getting all dressed up to do something I love makes me long for the next Thursday class.  I may not be remembered for my moves but each and every person in there will remember my extraordinarily made up face.

Plan a fun activity that gives you the excuse to get dressed to the nines and flaunt your beauty like never before.  The pride you put into looking beautiful will not only look good on the outside, but will come from within quite naturally.  Can’t beat that 🙂

be inspired

3 Sep

As I continue to get my thoughts organized, I can’t help but think how quickly this idea turned into a reality. Makeup and fashion have been my obsessions since I was very young. I have been collecting pictures from magazines and books for years and years and now as I sit here with all of my scrapbooks filled with clothes, jewelery, makeup and perfume…….. I want to pay homage to each and every item I have ripped out and placed in my ever-growing pile of “loves”.  These clippings serve as not only inspiration but more importantly reminders for me to embody all the things I love.   I have been known to put these beloved pics on my desk at work, my refrigerator or even in my wallet if just to glance at when I am buying my morning coffee.   This clipping of the exquisite Tom Ford lipstick collection dates back to 2010 but guess what.  I waited patiently, kept it close and when the time was right, I bought that baby right up.  As you might imagine, it is worth every last dollar.  Tom Ford doesn’t do anything at bargain prices so when you ultimately fall in love with his collections, you know you’re in for a treat.  Yes – an expensive one but a treat nonetheless.

Keep track of products or fashions that catch your eye.  Make an inspiration board and keep it close.  Invest in organizing your thoughts. It will keep you on track to being you.


~Tom Ford Beauty Private lip color in Vanilla Suede, $45;

our beautiful wedding..

2 Sep

After 9 awesome years, I finally married the love of my life on May 21st,  2012 in Viva Las Vegas!  We said our vows at the Little Church of the West and the party followed in our wraparound terrace suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  These fabulous photos are compliments of Finn Bjarnson.  It was my pleasure to have his talent capture our special day, and it is my pleasure yet again to pass along his amazing site showcasing his work. It needs to be noted that my cover shot for Supernatural Beauty and Make Up Design is that of my actual wedding (when I felt most beautiful).   Thank you Finn.

Our Wedding:

“Finn Takes Photos Sometimes”



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