You are beautiful..

14 Sep

A thing of beauty is a joy forever~John Keats

I recently  interviewed for a position with Estee Lauder to work as a beauty adviser at their makeup counter.  During my interview she asked me what kind of customer would I like to have at my counter?  Without a pause, I immediately thought of my own self,  skimming the products when I visit the makeup counters and how I often fee insecure about my crows feet or my large pores  and I want to find a miracle product that will take these feelings away so I look  like the model on the poster.  Desirable is what I am describing. Men should drop at my feet when they see my flawless face kind of desirable.

…..yeah lady…okayyyyy.

Unfortunately, most woman are unsure and insecure about their appearance and look to these products to feel beautiful.  It’s no secret that we all want luminescent skin that show no signs of worry, stress or (god forbid) age.  I am not saying all but most of us do.  Yes.  These products can help and are pretty much proven to do just that but listen to me.  True beauty comes from within oneself.  Insecurities (ALL man made) have made us second guess ourselves way to much.  It has to stop.  I want the person like me to come to the counter and tell me their expectations.  Of course I will suggest the colors that will make their beautiful eyes stand out or how to get rid of the dark circles that have appeared out of nowhere because that is why I am there but makeup is not a mask to create a different person. It is there to enhance that beauty that is looking back at me.  Age defying foundation is no match for skin that is cared for with a little love and a healthy lifestyle.

So to go back to my interview question,  I realized as the words left my mouth that my personal mission is to make every woman that I encounter walk away from our time together feeling not only beautiful but confident.  Sure our products will work as promised but embracing the raw YOU needs to happen first.  I find that we often look to men to affirm our beauty and that is a huge mistake.  Men are visual and look at everything (even the most loving).  To get them to focus on what makes you beautiful inside and out is quite honestly a challenge and that can  lead to major self esteem issues.  We need to take that responsibility on and free ourselves from living up to someone elses idea of beauty.  We will never reach that plateau.  Especially in the out of control, overstimulated world we live in.  Seriously  ladies, 100% up to us.  It is that confidence in ourselves as women that will make us even MORE beautiful and our men, our ladies and especially our children will see that confidence exuding from us.  It’s remarkable.

The reality is beauty comes in all forms.  Embrace your curves.  Love your crows feet.  They are there because you have smiled a million times.  Do not let society standards bring you down.  For me, I want every person I meet to empower themselves and bring it.

The most exciting part of my career is to hold workshops tailored to our young beauties, new to makeup and easily influenced by Cosmo magazine, and instill in them the true meaning of beauty.  Focus on natural beauty and enhancing their already stunning features.  The only way to stop this vicious cycle we fall victim to is to INSPIRE.

A little trick I learned to snap me back to clarity is wearing a rubber band around my wrist.  As soon as those feelings of self doubt arise, SNAP THAT rubber band and it will immediately shift whatever negativity you are putting on yourself.    Love yourself and the body you were given.

You are you for YOU and no one else.

Interesting article on my rubber band theory. I am a revolutionary.  LOL.


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