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Where do you come from?

18 Oct

I realize this is supposed to be a beauty blog but what I am writing about today is not about a beauty product. It is more along the lines of living life a happier person which imparts itself to true beauty.

A while back, I subscribed to a newsletter written by a life coach and motivational speaker named Christine Hassler.  She wrote a book detailing the more difficult changes your life can go through and some really effective ways to deal with it all.  Admittedly it was aimed at 20 somethings but regardless, I being young at heart, read it and desperately wanted to apply some of what she was saying to my daily routine.  Needless to say, it is next to impossible to rewire your thinking and basically alter your brainwaves to see a crappy situation in a positive light when your used to seeing things entirely different. When times are difficult, your brain will automatically go to your “comfort zone” and take you to where you think you should be.  This can be good or bad depending on your point of view and more importantly your overall perspective (glass half empty or half full kind of thing).  As luck would have it, my perspective was mostly a d-o-w-n-e-r.   I could barely see past my tears, fears or anger to get a clear view and when I did see something it was usually bad.  My defense mechanism was unhealthy.

Each week, I receive my usual weekly email from her which details positive affirmations, quotes, stories..  you name it.  I usually just skim it and move on. But last week, her email took me by surprise.   The header was “Come from a place of love and you will never go wrong”.  Wow.  It spoke VOLUMES.  Fortunately, it came at a time when I was open to understanding what that meant.  Without getting all Psych 101 on you, I want to express how much that sentence meant to me.  It has been overwhelmingly difficult to always come from a place of “love”.  We are human.  We get mad or sad or angry or fearful so we react from that place.  The results are usually disastrous.

I am going to quote a paragraph from her email so you can read it as it was meant to be delivered.

” True fulfillment is only possible when we come from a place a love.  And the problem is most of us are coming from a place of fear, not love. And the even bigger problem is that we are able to create a lot of success and goal line results from that place of fear – in fact, it is often our strongest motivator.  But when fear is what is propelling us, will we ever feel fulfilled?  Nope. 

Consider that the things that you are really good at in your life are not good for you and are not creating true fulfillment in your life. In fact the beliefs and skill sets you have developed from those beliefs that have created external success in your life may actually be blocking you from truly knowing and expressing your most authentic gifts”.

This may or may not matter to you but it matters enough to me to want to share.  And maybe those around me cannot understand the message at this time and I will continue to endure their selfishness and carelessness but now, little by little, it will affect me less (and has). I am finding that the journey to happiness doesn’t depend on someone else, it is all me and my outlook needs to be solid to get to that place of true fulfillment.

How can I tie this in to beauty?  Well less frowning = less wrinkles.  And if you use your Advanced Night Repair as well, your batting a thousand.

Stay beautiful inside and out 🙂



email excerpt taken from “Invest in the Business of You” by Christine Hassler at


Face it!

10 Oct

It has been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened between then and now.  This might be long.

So, let’s see..

I ended my summer job.

Went to New York to visit my family.

Turned 40.

Started my new job at Estée Lauder.

Wow……ouch.  I turned 40.

OK.  All drama aside, I gotta be honest and say that I am totally fine with that. I have been feeling more and more comfortable saying that because it dawned on me that even though I have been around since 1972…  I don’t feel like I thought I would.  I feel really good.  I guess having my kids so young kept me in that youthful state of mind.  I see my forties as a time when my boys turn into men, take hold of their independence and off they go.

YES….This is the decade of me (and my hubby).

Ok…maybe that is wishful thinking at the moment but I already feel like I have moved another step closer to freedom and my wealth of knowledge keeps growing with each passing day. I am a helleva lot smarter now than I was when I was 20.

That said, even though my mind is young at heart,  my physical body is still 40.

Things happen.

Suddenly I notice my skin shows some signs of wear.  The clock is against me.  It is never turning back.  Eventually my large pores and laugh lines will take over and I will be a hot mess come 50.  Even though I love makeup, I was never one for foundation or even moisturizer.  I felt ok with my beauty routine because what I was doing seemed to be working fine albeit minimal.  Now all I can think of is WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME??  Working for such a renowned company known for turning back the hands of time on our faces, I finally see the need for caring for my skin properly. Using actual products and not just hoping for the best.  It is now all about preventing and preserving.  I am lucky enough now to use these wonderful products and see for myself how well they work.  I need to believe they work by using my own face as an example.  I can’t promote something I don’t believe in.  SO.. tonight is my first night using the famous Advanced Night Repair Serum from Estée Lauder.  I was graciously handed everything I need to begin my nightly/daily skin care routine (which does not include Clean and Clear Popped Zit medicine anymore).  I felt so grown up spending 15 full minutes washing my face, applying my serum, applying my night moisturizer followed by a hydrating eye creme.  These products are supposed to work so well that I will wake up looking like Eva Mendes.  Ha ha. Yeah ok.

Now for the test!!

My commitment this month is to my face.  Specifically my skincare routine (or lack thereof).  Gone are the days that I am too tired or lazy to wash off my makeup and definitely gone are the days that I do not start to preserve what I have.  I will take that 15 minutes and enjoy every second of using my grown up lady stuff  and report my results in 30 days.

Long story longer….It is about time that I do the right thing by this face and body that has been so good to me for 40 years.  Ladies, invest the time …and yes, the money into finding a beautiful skincare routine.  Go to the beauty counter  and ask for some samples to try before you buy.  There is a great product for just about any concern you might have. These products are sometimes costly but once you find what works best, it will be the best money you will spend.

Realize your beauty and protect it.   It is all yours.



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