my “office” ??

19 Mar

In my world, organization is of the utmost importance.  Some (but not all) expectations of a makeup artist are:

1) tools/makeup are spotless
2) has anything and everything
3) can work out of anywhere

Sometimes number 3 is a tall order…………………

I have a usual set up when I go to a gig.  I like to get my basics out and in front of me.  Moisturizer, makeup remover, water, brushes, brush cleaner, 99% alcohol (for sanitation), bobby pins, q tips, wands (eyes/lips),  sponges, primer (eyes/face), mixing palate, lip balm (the list can go on for days).  Then my foundation palate, blusher, eyes makeup and  anything specialized.  Hair stuff to the side and tissues front and center.proper manors season 2 096

(organized set up)

That is pretty standard and how I like my makeup station to be (see organized station above).

Sometimes base camp is a bathroom or someone’s kitchen (with people still cooking.  What???).  Not always so conducive for creating beauty but we do it and ultimately, we love the challenge!!   On one shoot, I was asked to do the  makeup for our models outside.   In 10 degree weather.  From the back of my car!?!  It was freeeeezing but our models were such great sports and my client was super thankful we made it happen!

mitchelle set up

(the back of my car)

What do some of your set ups look like?  Here are some of my favorites below.

backstage set up(backstage)

cmg set up


NYC set up


Z-Strain_1 043


proper manors season 2 011(classroom)

roc video set up

(living room)

Have a great week!!

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