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Upcoming tutorial – How to make an inspiration book for makeup!

28 Jun



This week has been crazy for me.  I interviewed for a dream opportunity last week and I am waiting on the final answer.  To keep my good energy flowing, I have been doing a number of fun things that will no doubt work to my advantage in the long run.  One thing I have been doing is creating a “look book” for makeup.  I subscribe to every beauty magazine out there and I am constantly wowed by the beautiful makeup.  So I decided to put all my loves into one book (and get rid of the hundreds of magazines I own).  It will serve a few purposes. 

One – I am constantly working on my technique and use of color so seeing new trends and practicing them allows me to grow within my craft. 

Two  – It keeps me inspired to continue on down this path.  I find that when I am surrounded by what I love, it keeps me motivated, even when work is slow. 

When I want to play, I take out my beautiful makeup collection and scrapbook and practice!!  Maybe it is a new twist on an old technique?  Maybe I’m working with a new consistency or makeup line that I have not used yet?  Who knows! I do know that I am inspired 24/7 and that is always a good thing 🙂

I will do an entire “how to” blog on the easiest way to create this type of book.  For now, I will wait for the phone to ring, try to stay focused and hopefully get a great post on making a cool look book that you will use time and time again.  Plus this way, it keeps me on the hook to do it.  I can very easily wallow in my own self doubt which will make me completely immobile and that’s no good.

Cheers to doing what you love 🙂

Keep it clean!

23 Jun

As a working makeup artist, sanitation and hygiene are essential. Proper sanitation and care of your kit will prevent cross contamination, infection and disease as well as ensure the longevity of your cosmetics and the health of your clients.


91% alcohol is a must as well as plenty of disposable sponges and puffs

A few things to remember when you set up.

  1. Always, disinfect the work surface before unpacking your kit.
  2. Always, work from a clean sanitized steel palette with disinfected brushes, tools, and cosmetics.
  3. Always, be mindful of sanitation practice while working.
  4. Keep hand sanitizer, alcohol, cosmetic sanitizer and brush cleaner on hand at all times.
My basic set up.  Staying clean and organized is what will be noticed (sometimes more than the makeup)

My basic set up. Staying clean and organized is what will be noticed (sometimes more than the makeup)

 Proper ways to dispense makeup while keeping it clean and safe when working are below.

Moisturizers/Primers: Dispense product onto steel palette, wipe nozzle/tip clean with tissue, place cap on product. Use a brush to apply product to client.

Liquid Foundations/Concealers: Dispense product onto steel palette (by pumping, pouring, or dipping cotton swab into product; do not double dip), wipe nozzle/opening clean with tissue, place cap on product. Use a brush to apply product to client.

Cream Foundations/Concealers/Blushes/Gels: Scrape out product onto steel palette with a plastic or stainless steel spatula. Use a brush to apply product to client.

Powder Foundations/Blushes/Eye shadows: Use a brush to apply product to client. Spray the product with 91% alcohol .  Allow to dry. Optional step: Wipe surface clean with a tissue.

Loose Powders: Tap product onto steel palette. Use a brush or sponge to apply product to client.

Eye & Lip Pencils: Apply product to client. Wipe surface and wipe or dip in 91% isopropyl or higher alcohol; allow to dry. Sharpen pencil. D


Liquid/Gel/Glitter Liners: Apply product to onto steel palette. Use a liner brush to apply product to client or dip a disposable liner brush into product, apply to client. Do not double dip; use another disposable applicator  if more product is needed.

Mascara: Use disposable mascara wands! Dip into mascara tube, bend the brush to a 90* angle, apply product to client. Do not double dip; use another disposable applicator, if more product is needed.

Lipstick: As a make-up artist, my advice to aspiring make-up artists is to de tube your lipsticks and organize them into palettes. It’s easiest and quickest to work with when they’re in this fashion. All you’ll have to do is scrape out what you need, apply onto a steel palette and work from there. Discard after 1 year.

Lip gloss: Use disposable doe foot or lip brush applicators. Dip into lip gloss tube, apply product to client. Do not double dip: use another disposable applicator, if more product is needed. Discard after 1 year.

Have a designated zip-lock bag for disposables and dirty brushes as well as your own trash bag.  I use a small brown bag that I fold over to dispense tissues and such.

Once your work is done, disinfect the outside of all products, bags, and pouches as you place them back into your kit.

Please if you are using alcohol on your cosmetics, be sure to use the highest isopropyl alcohol percentage available to you. This will ensure quicker drying time thus less damage to your cosmetics. For example, if you want to disinfect eye shadows, simply spray alcohol onto a tissue and wipe clean the surface of the eye shadow.


Lipstick and some other stuff…

12 Jun


So I’ve been having some major technology issues.  I wound up giving in to my frustration and letting that all go.  I’ve been basically off the grid for a while and it has been a nice, well deserved vacation.  But now I’m equipped to get back at it.  I can’t lie and say that I haven’t enjoyed doing things at my pace as opposed to someone else’s.  That feeling of slaving away for an entity other than myself is what led me to where I am today.  Kinda poor but free from the chaos.  Now it’s only the chaos that I create that I deal with (and that’s no picnic).

So today’s musings are about this wonderful lip pencil I received today.  It is unlike anything I’ve ever used.  This is kind of embarrassing because I LOVE makeup and doing makeup is what I do for a living so not knowing about this little pencil of goodness is well… know.

This lip pencil is from Merle Norman and it is called the clear lip pencil.  It is pretty much a wax based pencil that is applied to stop any bleeding from lipstick.  Now I’ve been know to sport a pretty serious dark lip but I’ve always, always used a lip liner that closely matched my lip color.  This worked and looked great so why change?  Change is good.  Today I received a few products from Merle Norman that I cannot ever live without. I’ve never used this brand before so I was a bit hesitant but after carefully applying my new treasures, I am hooked.

The clear lip pencil was applied as I would normally apply my everyday lip liner.  This was followed by a BEAUTIFUL lipstick named Hussy.  It is a dark red type color that looked amazing against my new tan 🙂

merle norman lipstick

Well I’ll be!!  My lipstick looked amazing and I noticed I liked the look of my lips not being overly done by using a dark lip liner to match the lip color.  It was more a natural yet sexy, bitten lip type of look.  And wouldn’t you know it?  No bleeding from the lip color.  I wore it for a full 4 hours before I needed to reapply.  I highly recommend both of these products but the clear lip pencil being top priority.

Have a great night:)



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