Upcoming tutorial – How to make an inspiration book for makeup!

28 Jun



This week has been crazy for me.  I interviewed for a dream opportunity last week and I am waiting on the final answer.  To keep my good energy flowing, I have been doing a number of fun things that will no doubt work to my advantage in the long run.  One thing I have been doing is creating a “look book” for makeup.  I subscribe to every beauty magazine out there and I am constantly wowed by the beautiful makeup.  So I decided to put all my loves into one book (and get rid of the hundreds of magazines I own).  It will serve a few purposes. 

One – I am constantly working on my technique and use of color so seeing new trends and practicing them allows me to grow within my craft. 

Two  – It keeps me inspired to continue on down this path.  I find that when I am surrounded by what I love, it keeps me motivated, even when work is slow. 

When I want to play, I take out my beautiful makeup collection and scrapbook and practice!!  Maybe it is a new twist on an old technique?  Maybe I’m working with a new consistency or makeup line that I have not used yet?  Who knows! I do know that I am inspired 24/7 and that is always a good thing 🙂

I will do an entire “how to” blog on the easiest way to create this type of book.  For now, I will wait for the phone to ring, try to stay focused and hopefully get a great post on making a cool look book that you will use time and time again.  Plus this way, it keeps me on the hook to do it.  I can very easily wallow in my own self doubt which will make me completely immobile and that’s no good.

Cheers to doing what you love 🙂

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