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The History of Makeup and classic overthinking….

9 Sep

The past few weeks have been very exciting (and rewarding) for me.  In one crazed instant, I came to a realization.  (That is really how it happens.  For some reason my brain clears out the dust and allows me to see clearly for like 5 seconds).  Well that 5 seconds of clarity propelled me into starting my own business and as much as it is difficult, it is THRILLING!  I have been up ’round the clock researching my business plan and building websites, email and well…..it’s all too much for words.   BUT… in all that I am doing, there has not been one instant where I was dreading it or felt pressured or wanted to stop.  Every step I have taken so far has truly been a labor of love.  That is until about 4 days ago.  4 days ago I was put into a holding pattern because of an incredible opportunity I had applied for before my breakthrough.  I hadn’t even thought of it once since I locked my arms around Supernatural Makeup Design and now the phone is ringing, and I am interviewing for this opportunity.   If it happens, it would no doubt be AMAZING but very much off course to what I have worked so hard to accomplish up to this point.  Because of this holding pattern, I have been kind of wishy-washy with my blog and the future of my new business for 2012.  If this opportunity does come to fruition then I would be out-of-pocket until Feb 1st.

That being said, ……..I need to find my self control!

I am definitely counting my chickens before they hatch so for this beautiful Sunday morning I am focusing on what makes me happy and peaceful.  Besame Cosmetics has put out a beautiful, inspiring book called Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup.  It details makeup artistry throughout the years with gorgeous, vivid pictures and old-fashioned makeup palates and designs.  I wish I could have been present in the 20’s and 30’s and saw first hand these lovely ladies transform from extraordinary to red lipped vixens!!  As for me, I find out this week if my life takes yet another (exciting) path.

Realize the positive in each and every situation.  For reasons we cannot yet understand, we are placed in situations that can be obviously overwhelming, happy, sad, confusing etc.  My wonderful husband has tried countless times to help me see that there is  positive in even the most dire situation.  As I look around and see where I am at now …..I finally realize he is right. Knowing that there is a reason for every move we make allows for me relax a bit.  I am in good hands.  Mine.

Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup by Gabriela Hernandez




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