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dancing the night away…beautifully

3 Sep

I have recently started taking salsa dancing lessons at a local club here in Provo.  Salsa is my favorite form of dancing because it entails you and your partner being totally in sync and really focused on each others movements.  If you know how to do it properly then you just know you look good.    Salsa dancing is very sexy and for me, very intense. This brings me of course to the “look”. I want to not only look good moving on the dance floor but also in my clothes and makeup.  It’s an assembly of the right dress, shoes, perfume and most important, the makeup.  For my first lesson, I went crazy!  Beautiful shoes,  sexy swinging dress, stockings and yes, a fully made up face (sparkles too).  I was expecting or should I say, hoping to see the same in the others.  Well, to put it mildly, I was way overdressed.  The students wore mostly skinny jeans and flats.  I wore fishnet stockings and my shiny high-heeled Maryjane’s.  Did I let my obviously extreme appearance get me down?  Absolutely not!!  I was determined to dance and look good while doing it.   Remembering the excitement of getting all dressed up to do something I love makes me long for the next Thursday class.  I may not be remembered for my moves but each and every person in there will remember my extraordinarily made up face.

Plan a fun activity that gives you the excuse to get dressed to the nines and flaunt your beauty like never before.  The pride you put into looking beautiful will not only look good on the outside, but will come from within quite naturally.  Can’t beat that 🙂



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