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Let’s clean out our closets!

24 Sep

So I went to pick up my boys from ice skating Saturday night.  As I walked into the rink I got a glimpse of my reflection in the door.  What the?? WHAT IS THIS OUTFIT I AM WEARING?  Mismatched, ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  How could this be?  I have a beautiful wardrobe filled with things I love.  Why am I out like this in public?  Why????

I know why. Because my closet is a disaster.  I can’t find any of my stuff that I so carefully and joyously shopped for.   I have ample space yet lack organization.   Well.  After a day of careful planning and made some ruthless decisions,  that’s all changed.  No more are the days where I keep items I can barely squeeze into.  No more “well  if I lose 10 lbs, this will look fantastic”.  That way of living is over.  I orchestrated a plan that fits into exactly how I choose my outfits that did not require me to buy something to make it happen.

Here’s how I did it.

  1. Divide and Conquer!  I tossed anything that didn’t fit, didn’t feel right OR caused me to go into wardrobe overload when I looked at it.  Choosing your clothes must be painless.  If it takes too long to create an outfit around it, its gone.
  2. Bag it! Goodwill, seasonal, tailor (put right in your car so you don’t forget!).  Let’s be honest, I did create a pile of “when I lose 10lbs” BUT it’s small and not in my current rotation.  It is carefully placed downstairs with summer clothes.
  3. Plan.  What is crucial to have at hand and more importantly, where will it be kept.  I used shoe boxes for my evening bags, a small wicker laundry basket for my pj’s, circular hangers for my belts etc.  These items need to be in plain view but separated so I can easily access them.  Bigger purses were put on hooks behind my bedroom door.

Here is my plan.


Each drawer holds the following:  comfy socks, undies, tank tops and sorta dress shirts like I would wear under a blazer or sweater.  Hanging these type shirts only caused me to forget them.

Now to the closet where I have a 4 drawer organizer, top shelf, three small shelves and two closet hanging bars.

  • Top shelf is for shoes.  I weeded through based on comfort and reality.
  • Actual things I hang sorted by color and style. Vests, dress shirts, blazers, dresses and some fall coats/sweaters and pants/skirts on bottom rack.
  • Separate bins underneath for boots and scarves.  Nothing on my floor 🙂

Organizer holds

  • Dress socks.  Important: if you wear trouser socks, fancy socks, tights, stockings or what have you, you need this drawer to be separate from your comfy sock drawer.  It will make you life WAY easier in the long run.  Trust me.
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Regular t-shirts (separate these from the long sleeves)
  • Comfy sweats/yoga pants


  • Sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Hats (on top)

Keeping your closet organized will help with the everyday task of choosing your outfits.  Dressy, business-causal or picking the boys up from ice skating should be effortless and beautiful.  Good luck!



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