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10 Jan

halston warhol

My love for perfume started in my teens.  As of this writing, I probably own over 150 bottles/samples of perfume and I love every one of them.  Admittedly  – it has at times overtaken my life.   I do not consider this a bad thing per say but only a beautiful hobby.  It started with Halston.  Halston Classic came out in 1975 but I didn’t get my chance to love it until about 1988 (about 16 years old).  In my house, Chanel #5 ruled the roost.  My mom was a Chanel #5 addict.  Her dresser bore only that sleek black tube that was her scent.

Everything she owned smelled of this classic.  I liked it but it was a bit flowery for my taste.  Plus at the time, I didn’t want to smell like my mom.

halston perfume and him

I don’t remember how I came across Halston but I do know that it stopped me in my tracks when I smelled it.  It was unlike anything I was used to and I had to have it.  It was probably on sale at our local drug store which tells how I was miraculously able to afford it.  The bottle was designed by Elsa Peretti and  notes included things like  sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver and incense.  I of course…fell in love 🙂

halston perfume

For me, once I love something so intensely (much like my love for F. Scott Fitzgerald), I need to know everything about it so I began my research on the man who created this masterpiece.  I found that he was so chic, he only went by one name.  Halston.

halston girls _1

Roy Halston Frowick at the time I found him was two years from departing this earth.  He had not publicly acknowledged his illness that would eventually take his life in 1990.  I imagine in 1988 he was just starting to feel the effects from constant partying during his heyday.  He and his entourage were the “IT” crowd at Studio 54 when it opened.  Google anything on Studio 54 and you will no doubt come across photos of Halston and his friends. And now,  he had already been in the limelight, found fame, fortune and by this time unfortunately his body and mind grew weary and he was soon to be gone.  I was so sad that his light was burning out and he had now been labeled a sell out due to his association with JC Penny.  He was no longer the beautiful man draped on Liza Minnelli’s arm at  Studio 54 or remembered as the creator of Jacqueline Kennedy’s famous pillbox hat.

halston partying_1

He was a shadow of his former self having sold his own name to corporate giants that did not share his vision.    I didn’t care.  I was obsessed with not only the man but his clothes.  So elegant and carefree.  I would see photos of Bianca Jagger and Angelica Houston looking ravishing.  I was in complete awe (honestly, I still am).

I just watched a documentary on Netflix titled ” Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston”. 

halston movie shot

I found myself getting sucked right back into my former obsession and I immediately caught a whiff of my beloved Halston perfume.  Scents can bring you anywhere you want to be and I wanted to be 16 again, remembering how excited I was as I was learning about myself as an individual.   Without even knowing it, that period of time was to be my initiation into myself.  Now 40, I am still the same girl in love with  same things.

Here is a link to a mini documentary that offers a beautiful overview into his life.


Halston – Mini Biography – Halston Videos – Biography.com.

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