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What is going on with my hair?

29 Jan


See that pug’s hairdo?  Well this is how my hair is feeling lately.  (He does look so cute though).  Anyway……many of you that know me know that I am a short-haired gal.  Usually pixie short.  Sometimes a bit longer but never, EVER…….where it’s gotten to now (sorry no pic to show of me now, just envision the pug)

short hair michelle

(here’s how most of you know me)

     Long story short, I have worn it this way since 1997.  I was 6 months pregnant with my son Nicholas and I had two little guys to contend with so my long, curly, Long Island frizz bomb of a hairdo was not working out.  So in I walked to my local salon and out walked a big belly with a no fuss haircut.  I loved it!!  Gone were the days looking for barrettes, banana clips (yes, a banana clip)  or scrunchies.   All I needed to do was gel it in place and I was ready for the day.  It suited my face and my routine.  Plus when my hair is short, it makes the face more of a canvass for some seriously pretty makeup.  I have gotten countless compliments and yup…  I was pretty happy.

     Fast forward to today.  15 years later and I am getting antsy.  I am no longer working for a corporation where my hair needs to be coiffed each day. I am getting kind of lax with it and wearing hats while letting it grow out.  The problem is……I have no idea what I am growing it into.  I see lots of pictures and I get a bit crazy envisioning dreads, curls or just big crazy hair with streaks.  Anything but the normal ponytail or bun.  That was why I cut it in the first place 😦

     So now I am seeing pictures of these cute little bobs that I am kind of digging.  Alexa Chung for example is what I am secretly coveting.

alexa chung bob

(Alexa Chung auburn bob.  My husband does not like this one.  Grrrrr)

     But then I see Ruby Rose and I am stunned by how stylish she is and it’s her hair that makes the whole look work.  Her face is amazing!

ruby rose

(Ruby Rose)

I need to make a decision soon because I eventually have to go somewhere where I cannot rock my beret and then what…?

Some ideas short and medium length below.

purple bob

I like the sides but for my face, not so bang heavy.  I kind of like the purple streaks too 🙂  BTW -My Hubby doesn’t like this either 😦

cool bob

I like this one…not sure if I can pull of the top though.

vicotoria beckham

I like Victoria Beckham’s hair and I feel like I might be able to pull this off.  It might be high maintenance. Guess who doesn’t like this one as well?  LOL.


I really like the curls here.  I can have the height that I need and go as crazy as I want too.

blond bobhayden short bob

These are pretty as well.  I just feel like it might be kind of boring for my face.

Ideas anyone?





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