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Some tips and tricks..

2 Nov


I have had the opportunity to learn some really useful tricks to make it appear that I know what I am doing when presenting the best face possible.  It is not always easy some days when things like pimples pop up or maybe you noticed the huge, saggy bags under your eyes that cool cucumbers didn’t quite fix.  Every morning can present a different situation and it will need to be dealt with.  Ugh!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a reliable skin care routine.  Ladies – even if you are 20, it is imperative to use sunscreen and moisturize.  This is to prevent the early signs of aging and wrinkles that start to hit us in our 30’s and set in every minute of the day, every day of the year til we die.  In order for our products to work properly, our skin needs to be cleaned and exfoliated.  Washing your face without exfoliation is comparable to brushing your teeth with your finger.  It will sort of clean things up but not really.  Our eye creams and moisturizers need to sink into open, clean skin so with that being said, I now will talk about the Clarsonic.

This life changing cleansing system offers up a daily massage for your face to get your morning going or comfort you into a dreamy sleep.  Using the Clarsonic will clean your skin of all of the days impurities and allow your skin care products to get right in there and do their job.  I do hundreds of skin care/makeup consultations during the week and during our conversation, people cannot believe my age.  I truly believe this is because of my Clarsonic which I have been using for about two years now.

Next little tip is the “Fatigue Fighter”.  This goodie is tried and true and will work even after you have a full face of makeup on.  Start by taking your favorite concealer and mixing a little bit of your eye cream or even eye serum.  Swirl both products in equal amounts onto the back of your hand and using your small concealer brush, swipe gently under your eyes and up into the corner of your face.  Add more concealer as needed.  (It is ok to use your fingers for this but please always use your ring finger when applying anything under your eyes.  This finger offers the least amount of pressure than your others and will not cause further damage to this already sensitive area.)  Anyway,this will no doubt give your eyes a refresh from the middle of the day wearies.  Be sure to use an eye cream that offers de-puffing and dark circle benefits.  Also be sure to use a concealer that is ONE shade lighter than your foundation (or skin tone if your don’t use foundation).

Lastly, let’s start thinking about a more dramatic look to compliment your holiday festivities.  A simple smokey eye can add lots of pizazz to your normal makeup routine.  Start by using your favorite eyeliner and creating a half inch circle on the back of your hand.  Really get a nice thick layer on there.  Then take a little bit of concealer and mix together.  This will create a shadow creme.  Take your finger and apply this mixture to your eyelid being real careful to cover completely.  Concentrate on staying just below the crease line.  Take a bit and put underneath your bottom lash line as well.  Next take a matte color that will match the shadow creme you just applied and layer on top.  Then blend into a soft, subtle smokey eye.  Take this look wherever you want.  It can be super dramatic or stay soft and smokey.

Please let me know if any or all of these tips work for you! I have dozens of fun little anecdotes to share. Feel free to share some of yours.  We would never get anywhere exciting without learning from each other.


I realize that pictures and videos enhance the entire “how to” experience” of this post and I clearly suffer in this instance.   I am working on getting better at this and will hopefully have a you tube channel dedicated to my blog by the end of the year.  I really do enjoy doing this and if I can move into the 21st century then it would be an even better experience.

Enjoy your day:)



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